With so many Pickleball paddles available, choosing the right pickleball paddle can feel a little overwhelming. Given the many different factors involved, such as the material, thickness, weight and more, read our simple guide below to help you choose!

Pickleball is a great game for both leisure and competition - and the paddles are designed with this in mind. The first thing to decide is whether you are you purchasing your paddle for leisure use, or are you wanting to play competitively?


A great option for home, school or leisurely use, are a traditional wooden paddle.
Usually available at a lower cost, these paddles are still super durable and reliable without the higher price tag. As an added bonus, they are quieter to use with a more natural feel. We have individual bats available such as the E-Jet Wooden Paddle, as well as sets including two paddles and two pickleballs - everything you need to get started.

If you are after something a little lighter, then fibreglass paddles like our E-Jet Fibreglass Paddle may be a better option. The lighter weight helps provide players with less strain and higher manoeuvrability, while the fibreglass construction also helps provide more power and control.


For those wanting to play Pickleball competitively, carbon fibre is considered one of the best paddle materials available. Featuring a larger sweet spot, these paddles help deliver more power into your shots with a thicker core for absorbing maximum impact, while still being lightweight and easy to swing. We have a composite paddle available in the E-Jet Carbon/Fibreglass Paddle or our top of the line E-Jet 100% Carbon Paddle.


We have paddles available for all skill and competitive levels - and now you have all the information to help you choose! If you are just getting started in Pickleball, we also have nets, pickleballs and sets available here.