Baden Sports is an independent, family-owned company, founded in 1979 and located in Renton, WA just southeast of Seattle

The company was founded by E.C Schindler and his son Michael after they become dissatisfied with the quality of basketballs on the market at the time.

This lead them both to immerse themselves in ball manufacturing processes in order to invent better methods of ball manufacture.

Today that culture of innovation permeates the entire Baden range that have a reputation in the US for some of the best balls on the market particularly when it comes to qualities such as performance, reliability and durability.

This is epitomized in the Baden Elite Basketball, that is widely acclaimed by basketball purest as one of the best feeling balls out there and as a bonus one that will outlast the completion as well

Eagle Sports is proud to start building the Baden brand up in Australia, as we believe that quality balls that last the distance are exactly what our customers have been


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