About Us


We are delighted that you popped by for a visit!

We are a sports equipment wholesale company that provides a wide range of products to the sporting industry including to bricks and mortar retail stores, suppliers to schools and clubs and online entrepreneurs selling sporting goods on the world wide web. If you fit this description and would like to set up an account with us register here.

As a wholesale company we don’t sell direct to the public, but if you have a question on any of our products and where you may be able to purchase them we will be more than happy to help point you in the right direction just contact us here with what you are after and we will get in touch.

What we do:

We specialise in sports equipment of all types ranging all the way from a long jump tape measure for your local athletics meet right through to the knee pads that save you from scrapping your knees whilst playing Volleyball and everything in between.

In all we cover over 20 different sports categories and range somewhere in the range of 3000 products at a time. The aim really is to have just about everything covered, making Eagle Sports a one stop shop for all your sport’s goods needs.

We carry a range of the world’s best brands and their top of the range equipment, catering for those committed athletes amongst us as well as anyone that has an eye for great quality. We also import goods under our own Alliance brand that provides good solid and reliable products at an affordable price point that helps everyone get access to quality sporting equipment.

To learn more about the brands we stock check out our Brands page here

Who we are:

Eagle Sports, is now a third generation family owned and operated business. The company was founded by John Cox and his father Gordon in Perth, Western Australia in 1982. During the early 2000s the increase in business demanded a presence in the East Coast of Australia and Eagle Sports set up a second distribution centre in Melbourne. Over the years Melbourne became the company headquarters. Still to this day the company has strong presence in Perth and in Melbourne which helps us distribute effectively across the entire country.

In 2007, John’s wife Damaris joined the business, bringing with her a penchant for detail that now has her in charge of Eagle Sports custom product division.

In 2013 Brett, John’s son, joined the business starting off the third generation of the Cox family in the sporting trade.

With John, Damaris and Brett combined Eagle Sports has over 50 years’ experience at the helm. That time and experience has provided John, Damaris and Brett a wide range of contacts with international suppliers meaning if you need help with the sourcing of any of your own sports equipment drop us a line here and we can let you know what the possibilities are.