Swimfit is one of the most dynamic swimming brands in the market place today. Since being established in 1996 Swimfit has gone on a quest for
global expansion, now being represented and sold in over 60 countries world-wide.

A similar zeal has been injected into product development especially in making cutting edge technology affordable for everyone.
Several key qualities are identified by Swimfit as being at the core of their product range and design plans:
• Comfortable, Trendy and Durable: these are the main characterstics potential customers are looking for in the swimming products and all Swimfit products are designed to incorporate all three of these elements.
• Variety and Flexibility: Swimfit understands that not all customers want the same thing so they aim to inject as much variety into their product range and as much flexibility into their design concepts as possible to accommodate this diverse range of needs.

The Simfit range covers all a person’s swimming needs including a large choice of goggles and swimming caps, those extra swimming accessories like nose clips and ear plugs, kickboards and the ever useful swimming fins.

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