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Eagle Sports was thrilled to be the proud sponsor of the esteemed Swiftlyte Classic darts competition, recently held in South Australia.

The event showcased talent across Mens, Womens, and Youths categories. With an impressive turnout of 94 men and 39 women, the Classic drew enthusiasts from far and wide, igniting a spirited atmosphere of competition and camaraderie.

As the Australian distributor of the One80 Gladiator III+ Dartboard, the official competition board of Darts Australia, Eagle Sports takes great pride in supporting the dart community with top-notch equipment. We're honored to play our part in fostering the growth and success of darting events like the Swiftlyte Classic.

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Pictured: Mens Singles - Winner Howard Jones and Finalist Brandon Weening. Credit: Darts Australia.

In a display of skill and determination, Howard Jones emerged victorious in the Men's finals, edging out Australian Representative Brandon Weening in a closely contested match. Among the notable contenders were Peter Machin, Aaron Morrison, Trent Mitchell, Dylan Murphy and  Scott Hallett.

In the Women's final, Amanda Loch secured another impressive win for the second consecutive year, defeating her Australian Representative teammate, Joanne Hadley. The road to victory was paved with fierce competition from players like Lyn Morrison, Kym Mitchell, Jules Taylor, and Desi Mercer, 

The triumph didn't end there for Jones and Loch, as both champions earned themselves a coveted opportunity to compete in the upcoming World Darts Federation Singles World Championship later this year. With their stellar performances, they're set to represent their skill and talent on the global stage.

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Pictured: Finalist Joanne Hadley and Winner Amanda Loch. Credit: Darts Australia.

 Lastly, Terence Morton claimed the win in the Youths Final, with a 3/1 victory against comptetitor. Ollie Wade

A huge congratulations to the victors, and to every competitor for taking part in the event. It was an exciting event with an impressive turnout, that goes to show the devotion and commitment to the scene from players over Australia.

For future dart tournaments and updates, please see Dart Australia's News page. To check out the official competition board of Darts Australia, see our One80 Gladiator III+ Dart Board, that is also World Darts Federation (WDF) tournament approved.