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The Australian Darts Championships 2023 have wrapped up, marking the second year that Eagle Sports proudly stood as sponsors. We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Darts Australia, and this year's championship was a true testament to the growth and passion that drives the darting community.

Official Dartboard of Australia

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As the Australian distributor of the One80 Gladiator 3+ Dartboard, we are thrilled to be part of the Australian darting landscape. Our dedication to providing the official dartboard of Australia reflects our commitment to the sport's excellence and precision.

A Night of Recognition

Aus Darts Champs 1.jpg

We were delighted to have the opportunity to present accolades to prominent figures within the darting community. Brett, one of our owners, took the stage to honor the following outstanding players:

  • Player of the Future: Abbey Morrison & Jackie Marks
  • Player of the Future: Michael Cassar
  • Men's Rookie 2023: Tony Schreeve QLD
  • Ladies Rookie 2023: Haley Davis SA

These players represent the future of Australian darts, and we are immensely proud to stand beside them.

A Proud Partnership

Our commitment to Darts Australia is a source of pride. We're not here for the sentiment; we're here because we believe in the sport's potential and the dedication of its players. It's an honor to support the Australian Championships and to witness firsthand the growth of darts in our country.

A Bright Future Ahead

With each passing year, the Australian Darts Championships reach new heights, and we're excited to be part of this journey. As the official dartboard provider, we're dedicated to raising the bar in the world of darts, helping players hit their mark, and ensuring that the spirit of competition continues to thrive.

The Australian Darts Championships 2023 have been a remarkable experience for Eagle Sports. We're proud to be a part of this journey, celebrating the talent and dedication of Australian dart players. Together with Darts Australia, we look forward to many more years of success and growth in the world of darts. Here's to hitting those bullseyes and making every dart count!