Gladiator 3.jpg

The Gladiator 3 is the all new top of the range dart board from One80. It’s an absolutely amazing dart board, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It has all the credentials:

 The One80 Gladiator 3 is one of just 6 boards that has been approved by the World Darts Federation. This means that any tournament organised under WDF rules must use an approved board, of which the Gladiator 3 is proudly one. The Gladiator 3 is also the board of choice for the English Darts Organisation, as well as many tournaments all over the world.

  1. Ohh that Sisal:

A lot has gone into the making of the Gladiator 3, not least of which, is the amazing attention paid to the sisal on each board. Firstly a new African sisal that has increased elastic properties has been used in the manufacture of the boards. Then the sisal goes through a longer and more stringent combing procedure to ensure quality and lack of impurities. Then there has been an update in the machinery used to press the sisal on to the backboard increasing the straightness and elasticity of the sisal. And finally there has been a change in the paint used to decorate the board that doesn't seal the sisal and allows for it to breather more easily. All this makes for sisal that can perform to the absolute premium increasing the sisal grip on the dart point and providing amazing durability. 

  1. Wiry wire

When it comes to a blade style, staple free, wire nothing beats the revolutionary sword edge wire that features in the Gladiator 3. Originally developed for the Gladiator 2, the sword edge wire, is so thin that it practically eliminates bounce outs. Furthermore the wire is fixed to the backboard, meaning that it keeps its position during the lifespan of the dart board. So some seriously good wire!

  1. All those little things

The mark of a champion is that they always get the little things right. The Gladiator 3 is no exception to this rule, having all the little extra features that separate it from the rest of the pack.  The Gladiator board has an M5 bolt already fixed into the dartboard allowing players to screw the dartboard to the mount by hand and not have to worry about getting it straight. The new painting process, creates a really absorbent paint, which means that the colour goes quite deep. Because of this there is little evidence in the black areas of the board of the holes produced by the darts. Also the number ring is a matte grey colour, meaning no distracting light reflection, and that the ring isn't marred by paint being chipped of by darts. All these little things, incrementally make a great board even greater.

  1. Gladiator!

Because having a gladiator image with a flaming sword on the packaging is just damn cool. Eat your heart out Spartacus!

All this makes the One80 Gladiator 3, the best dart board on the market in Australia. 

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