HO SOCCER is one of Europe’s leading specialist goalkeeping companies. Worldwide more than 350+ professional goalkeepers choose to wear HO gloves, including English Premiership keepers Adrian of West Ham and Willy Caballero of Chelsea.

Other top keepers wearing HO SOCCER gloves include, Beto of Sevilla, Andres Fernandez of Villareal and Yoel Rodriguez of S.D. Eibar. Not to mention the amazing female keepers in Lola Gallrado of Atletico de Madrid, Sandra Paños of FC Barcelona and Ellie Roebuck of Manchester City.

HO knows what keepers have to go through to hone their craft. They know about those long training sessions where continuously repeating your coaching drills until it hurts is the only way to reach the standards that you have set yourself. Ho knows how many hours of hard work it takes just to be in that correct position to make a finger-tip save or make that important block at the strikers feet to keep your side in the game.

With all this in mind HO makes sure that their comprehensive glove collection offers goalkeepers a balanced combination of technical innovation, excellent fit and superb comfort. The standards and expectations that HO set themselves are very high and so they only use the finest materials and glove latex available. This gives keepers playing at every level the opportunity to perform at their very best in each training session or game.

HO believe, that as a true specialist goalkeeping brand, they can never be completely content with their work and so each year they resolve to improve their products to ensure that HO SOCCER remains one of the world’s leading specialist goalkeeper brands. This way keepers can continue to keep clean sheets with their HO gloves

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The HO keeper motto is…NEVER BEATEN